Sunday, January 9, 2011

Busy New Year

Have you missed me? Sorry I cannot come out 2 play right now! All is okay here...just busy with month end, year end and closing the office. I am officially working from home now. The office will be fully shut down by the 31st. Had to sort through 30+ years of stuff...took 2 extra fullllllll loads of phone books, manuals, magazines, old unused claim forms, old stationary, etc to the recycle dump. Gave 4 large trash bags full of stuff to a resale shop. Got most of my scrapping and genealogy stuff out of there (after all this was my home away from home for 22 yrs). Got the PO Box and now sending out letters of change of address and phone number. I've had to cancel phone and utilities as of the 1st...will rent the storage unit for the records we have to keep for 21 yrs on Tuesday (if boss has time) and still got to call movers and a company to come shred all the records that we can destroy...and have to find someone that wants all her when I get home after 5 hours there each day...I just sit in my massage chair and fall asleep I'm so tired.
My "girls" are very unhappy with me too, cause I'm not here 24/7 at their beck and call! My computer is reloaded with Windows7 which does not like SBF or my version of I'm not busy...I cannot do anything since all my programs have not been reloaded yet(just don't have the time right now). I will be thankful when all this is over...over...over! Sending hugs to all and letting you know all is okay this way for now, miss all of you! A nice warm toddy sounds good right now, we got a good dusting of snow today...LOL! Thanx 2 all of U 4 missing me!Chat more later! Mat ^..^


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