Friday, December 10, 2010

Another week has flown by....

I do declare, I don't know where the time goes here lately! Seems like it was just the weekend and now here it is again. Think I am too busy, but am trying to get some organization going at the office to be able to get stuff in storage and it all shut down and closed up by January 31. What a chore! 30 years worth of stuff there, brought home another carload today! (of just MY crap) LOL!
I have been trying to play a little with creating from all these brushes, etc I have downloaded, but this neck and my shoulders are making it very limited. I did get some cards printed and sent out early this year. Even got the great nieces, the nieces and nephews and sisters/brothers-in-law all taken care of for Christmas. I have a party to go to tomorrow and then "Da Boys" play Sunday night so my weekend will go by very fast. We are rather warm right now, but the bottom is supposed to fall out tomorrow night and bring the temps back into the 20's. Think I will go raid the storage barn for some sweats to wear....LOL!
I hope all of you have a marvelous weekend, making more memories to share with the rest of us, above all hope you all stay warm and dry! Will chat more next time I can take time to get online.
Here's the card I made of me & the girls and one of silly me....thanx to Raspberry Road and Cuddlebeez for the freebies I used....Enjoy your weekend.
Luv, Mat


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