Monday, November 15, 2010

Have a great week ahead y'all!

Here we are in the middle of November already! Man, time sure is flying by at break-neck speed! The weather is simply gorgeous right evenings/mornings and beautiful afternoons of raining leaves as the trees are preparing for winter. Today we have a chance of some showers, that are always welcomed. DA BOYS finally won again in a most enjoyable game to view, however, very scary for all when the lights went out! I changed the furniture around in the living room this weekend to do some extensive cleaning (cat fur, ya know! and to make ready for a Christmas tree) and decided to paint the mantle of the fireplace. Looks so very different and I have added an electric fireplace stove (heater) to it so that I do not have to worry with the wood burning this year! I love a fireplace, but the smoke just gets into everything and then I have to worry with the chimney and ashes, etc....not this year!
Today is payday, so I need to get busy with writing checks, go by the office, make a deposit and then pay bills. I hope all of you have a great week ahead making marvelous memories to share. I will hush for now and chat more on the next visit. Luv, MatThis is my "new" fireplace & Mantle.
I did this of Christina and Jade from a template by Teapot Lady called cut up round photo and kit by Jaelop Designs called Saving this Moment.


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