Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hello all!

Well, seems like all my blog "sisters" are snow or ice bound. Can you believe the 15th of December and we hit 77 degrees....the "blue Norther from Canada" came through this morning around 4 a.m. dropping temps today to around 55 and lots of wind making it feel in the 30's! But nice sunshine....and the wind is beginning to die down some as the afternoon progresses. I feel for poor Louise as she has lots and lots of snow and closed roads in Canada. MissBoots is also in cold snowy Wisconsin and snow and cold for Judy and Thelma in Ohio, but Scarlett in Tennessee "bless her" is in an ice storm. Wish all of you could come to sunny Texas for a spell.
I have really been busy this week trying to reorganize my barn (storage) and the office trying to shift things of mine from the office to here and then trying to shift some stuff from the office to a storage unit close by as well. Trying to close it down by the 31st of January. Still got so very much to do (year end too), and since I don't have much time nor help yet....I don't think I can squeeze in a visit to either of my sisters for the holidays! Drat, sure was looking forward to it, but responsibility comes first....then fun! Right? Anyhow, still experiencing some computer ghosts too, so not on it very much right now. I am wishing all a very happy weekend ahead (even if you are snuggled in front of the fireplace with your honey and some snacks and all the hot toddies you can handle, lol) making as many memories as you can. I created this little page from a long ago freebie QP without a TOU, but appreciate it anyhow, using a self taken photo (lol) and my "girls" of course! Will chat more with y'all next time. Luv, Mat


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