Thursday, November 18, 2010

Generations pages.....

I have surely been busy creating templates (12x12 in 300 dpi) for a generations book for each of my sisters.... I just e-mailed Kathy & Jim 20 pages of 3 generations per page of photos. I did grandfathers-fathers-sons; grandfathers-fathers-daughters; grandfathers-daughters-sons; grandfathers-daughters-daughters; grandmothers-fathers-sons; grandmothers-fathers-daughters; grandmothers-mothers-sons; grandmothers-mothers-daughters; fathers-mothers-sons; fathers-mothers-daughters! I coordinated the pages so they could face each other in a book. Here is a sample of each type (2) of page. I used all Cuddlebeez kits and several types of fonts. I got the idea from a photo in a Christmas catalog. Now comes the fun part of seeing how many photos I can scrounge up to fill all the pages. I have all of these in .psd or .png if anyone would like to use them for a quick generations family book, just let me know where to send it to you. Have a great weekend ahead making lots of memories. As for me, I am tired and going to relax a little. Chat more next time. Luv, Mat Our dad, my sister Kathy, her son Jeff. our maternal grandmother, our mother, Kathy.


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