Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to All Y'all~

This has been a very WARM week. It has been back up into the 80's so, I got the barn all sorted and organized, all the leaves have been picked up and the plants have been put away and the hoses are all put up and water faucets are covered. All the Christmas decorations are at hand for displaying and putting up after Thanksgiving. It is supposed to rain tomorrow night into Thursday morning, then the bottom will fall out and temps will drop to below freezing. The house, car and I are ready!! LOL! Watch, 2 days later it will be back into the 60 or 70 range again! Crazy weather around here.
Anyhow, the "girls" and I are wishing all of you a very blessed, happy, and thankful Thanksgiving for you and yours. Hope all of you are able to enjoy family time together making more and more memories. We made this page for all of you! I'm gonna be busy for the next few days (as are all of you) so thought I'd get this posted before I forget it! Luv U all and will chat after the turkey day! Go Cowboys!! (They play again on TDay)! Later, MatI used a background from Cuddlebeez, the clusters #8&12 are from RR's Enchanted Fall by EK, WA is by Linda at Random Thoughts and DBS from Giving Thanks kit!


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