Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today the twins are a quarter of a century old~

Lance and Lamar, my twin nephews, turn a quarter of a century old today! O what memories are flooding me now from when they were born and on the occasions I got to see them as they grew into young adulthood! They are such total opposites of each other! Lance is now married to Margaret and the proud father of Hayden. He works as a manager doing what he loves best, working outdoors and with animals. Most of all, he is living close to assist his daddy. Miss Hayden is really having a blast with her Papa and Mimi close too! Lamar on the other hand, has no interest in anything outdoors, except playing his trumpet in band at the football games....LOL! He is at Troy University in Troy, AL obtaining his degree in music. He is very good at playing that trumpet and gets spotlighted in solos. He hopes to be an educator! Anyhow, here is a page I did for them (using a QP from Cuddlebeez) with a photo of the 3 of us when they were small and one I created of us a while back of them today! Hope you both have a most wonderful birthday full of memories to share when I see you next! Luv ya bunches!
Aunt Neenie...MWAH!


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