Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wet Saturday...yippee!!

We so need some rain, the air is filled with moisture and it is really trying to reach us, but so far, not really enough to wet the ground, but....supposedly we will get some rain around noon before it blows on through. Sure hope so, the grass is desperate for a nice drink. I cleaned out the dreaded storage area under the carport this 4 huge bags of trash for the truck on Tuesday. Needless to say, I needed to cool off and take a shower....while I was cooling down, I made a page for MzKitty as I do not want to hurt her feelings of being left out~LOL~(poor baby)! I used a blog train called Me Time (one item from each of the 11 designers) and a photo of MzKitty, taken by my friend Scotty, relaxing (showing off) on the living room rug. She so does not know she is a cat! LOL! Well, since the skies are darkening up some more, think I will cut this chat short and disconnect before the storms hit. Y'all have a terrific Saturday making those memories! Luv, MatThanx to Me Time Blog Train scrappers; AHartline~AnDiDesigns~deliscraps~digilicious~darlene houghin~NS~Kimberkatt~TwinMomScraps~jwds~llc~Let me scrapbook for your terrific freebies!


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