Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Whew, some of the tornados got really close!

On Saturday, an F-0 tornado hit North Richland Hills just about 5 miles sw of me....then on Sunday when they came around again we had a bad one hit Rice, TX se of Dallas and then 3 others along a ne line from Dallas towards the AR border. Nasty skies so I did not turn my computer back on until yesterday! We had some power outages around, but not here, was not taking any chances with my 'puter though! Yesterday, clear sunshine and O so very warm and windy! We hit 88 officially, but it said 90 on my vehicle thermostat. Today, the windows are back open, the wind has shifted from the north and a lot less of it....high today 77! Loving it...so I sat here last evening before DWTS & Castle to make a page or two. Here is my friend Debbie in a QP from Edna....This is a couple of photos for my Friend Inez...all the kiddos are now grown with their own children...the kit is a freebie from Cuddlebeez and the WA is of course, Miss Linda's, Thanx all!Well, I got some errands to run and guess I had better get after them. Chat more later y'all, keep making those memories daily! Have a terrific week ahead! Luv, Mat


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