Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday is here...weekend is near!

How can anyone accumulate so much Christmas stuff? I think I could open my own store...LOL! It has been fun going through boxes and remembering though, but I AM GETTING RID OF SOME OF IT!! I have to....running out of storage in that 16x9 barn out there. I took a few minutes break and of course, I needed to scrap a page, what else? I am still limiting my time at this computer for a few more days of relief on my neck and shoulders (it's pure &%^$ having to do it too)! I created a page for Oreo this time...hope you enjoy it! LOL! Anyway, got to get back off here, just wanted to wish all of y'all a terrific weekend! Should be a good one here, the Rangers are playing the Yankees for the championship, Nascar is in town this weekend as well as the Giants coming in to play the Cowboys on Monday night. So glad I don't have to be out in traffic anywhere around here. I can stay inside with the windows open and sort through more boxes and visit more memories while making some new ones!! I am sure you will all be making some memories to share as well...until the next chat...Luv, Mat(used a freebie kit called Green by Bea Creations, Autumn Mask by Mini-Renne, Sleeping cats medallion by TLC and the WA is by Jennifer at WordArt World)


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