Friday, August 20, 2010

End of another hot week!

I know, I know, I're tired of my complaining about the heat....but ENOUGH already...another weekend and week ahead of 100+ temps. We've had one day in 21 straight...that was under 100 and it hit 98 that day! We have been under a heat advisory so long now....the meteorologists just say...Same old story folks, just another day of the same heat advisory and triple digit temperature! I thought I would die laughing when I heard that this morning. :o)
Sure has been a hectic week around here telephone wise....seems like I hang up from one call and just answer the phone again....thank goodness I have unlimited long distance. Had a phone call from my favorite ex sister-in-law telling me my ex was in ICU facing some serious problems. He survived the amputation of his right leg, but he still has some serious problems to face before he is out of the woods. Then I made calls to both my sisters as they really care about him still. Then, my boss gets more calls regarding her mother's illness and she has decided to leave for India tomorrow morning....we have been scrambling to get things done prior to her journey! My friend Scotty also had some surgery and Jan and I have been conversing back and forth too!
Needless to say, have not been on the computer as much, but I did manage a page of my silly sister Penny with a photo I took while there in May. Hope you enjoy it. I also did so playing around with some WA alphas for the great-nieces and made a page to show Penny of her Amy wanted a page with the back of her gown, so I made a page for I say...hectic week. But since it is to keep climbing back up to 104 without the heat index this weekend...I think I will stay right in this AC house and scrap some. Thanx Linda for the use of your wordart, Carol for use of your kit and for the other freebies I got from Craft Crave!
Whatever you do this weekend with your time, your family or your friends...make it memorable! Stay cool and have fun, chat later! Luv, Mat


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