Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Quick Water Garden Photo share

Been a busy week here so far...just wanted to share a few photos that we took at the Water Gardens this past weekend. I've used mainly the photos, blending them together, etc. and some masks. Some photos I took, some Scotty took. Got to run to the gas station before it hits 100 to fill my car, then over to the office for a couple so making this short today! Whatever you undertake today, make it memorable. Chat with you more later! Luv, MatThis is Jan and her granddaughter Stephanie in Miss Linda's Believe QP. Scotty took this awesome photo of them.Jan took this photo of Scotty and I put a mask around the photo over a photo of the gardens I took.This is another mask with Jan and I where I used a bubbled background paper, then the aeriated pool shot blended oveer it that I took. Scotty took the one of us!And this is 2 photos I took of the water wall, one Dylan was in (I transposed it) and layered it over a corner with the water flowing, then masked a photo of his superb smile in the upper corner. Grandpa took the smiling photo!


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