Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Hot, Hot, Hot weekend!

Can you believe we are into the 8th month of 2010 already? Time sure flies the older you get....LOL! Jan and Scotty called yesterday morning and asked if I would go with them to the Water in the hour it took for them to drive up, I took my shower and dressed in something cool (the temps were to hit 100+without the heat index). By noon we were in the water gardens taking lots of photos of 2 of their grandkids that came up with them. I took some photos with my camera too and decided to work with a couple of them early this morning. This is what I did with one of Dylan and Stephanie! I blended the photo into the background, then extracted and enlarged them sitting them higher on TLC's WA Joy as if they were looking back at themselves....In this one, I blended 2 photos to create one. This is Scotty and Stephanie and the first photo I took inside the gardens.After touring the water gardens for 45 minutes (thank goodness for the shade areas and the coolness from all the water) we headed west a couple of miles to the Botanical Gardens! We got refreshments at the Japanese gardens, then toured them and fed the fish, turtles and ducks enjoying the serenity and coolness for another hour before everyone was drained of energy because of the heat. We then decided it was time for lunch (about 2:30 now) so we ventured over to Mercado Juarez Restaurant for a scrumptious mexican meal and a very ICY cold draft beer. (that was for me only...the others had tea and, hey I wasn't driving for a change!) All in all we had a lovely, lovely time exploring and showing and photographing (more pages later from this foray) before coming back to the AC house and the girls. The grandkids were exhausted and ready to nap around 6 p.m. when they headed back to Ennis. Really did enjoy the day even with the HEAT. Whatever you do today....make it memorable as time is still flying by! Chat later, Luv y'all...Mat


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