Friday, August 6, 2010

Yippee another HOT weekend ahead!

Don't know if your weather is as miserable as ours is or not, but we have another week ahead with the triple digits with no relief in sight! It hit 108 here yesterday and 104 officially at the big DFW airport! But the heat index was well over 110 degrees. Needless to say only going out EARLY in the mornings to water that thirsty lawn and leave some for the poor feathered friends. (BTW my 2 dove babies have flown the nest probably looking for someplace cooler!) Since I am caught up with work, work and what renovations we had planned for this week and my home is back in spic and span shape, the "girls" are bathed and fed and sleeping in here in the computer room, I thought I'd do some scrapping. Of course I used my favorite subjects, my "baby girls"! SURRISE!!!! LOL! I had downloaded a freebie template with WA from Besteri and just had to use it for all three of them. I rearranged it a little for each one. I used BG's from Jax's Purrfect Pets kit on SBF as well as Crafty Elements kit by Courtney. Sometimes changing the colors! I also used some WA by TLC and some that had no TOUs with them, but tried to make each a little personal for each "girl"! Thanx to all the designers who so generously give of their time and talents and share their work with those of us who are so addicted to scrapping! I hope y'all all have a TERRIFIC weekend and whatever you choose to do, make it memorable! As for me and "the girls" we intend to stay inside soaking up AC and scrapping, snoozing, watching TV, reading, snoozing, maybe a little snacking and some more snoozing! I might even stop at the parlor for a few juleps to help make it through this weekend. That is if the "others" haven't beaten me there already! But right now, I am off real quick to the office to make a deposit and pickup some good movies and back here to the comfy of my AC. Chat later, luv y'all! Matfrom when we first found her in the backyard to today, mostly my photos, but today's is by Scotty! MzKitty was 5 in June!Oreo is cute and so photogenic, she loves having her pic taken....all these are mine and she will be 5 on the 12th of this month.This sweet baby found us 4 yrs ago last month, she was so hungry and had been so mistreated, took her awhile to trust us, but she is the baby and Oreo thinks she is her baby! They are such pals. All these photos are mine except the one where I am holding her for Scotty to take the photo!


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