Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yes, I slept in this morning!

Actually I got up at 4 a.m., read for about an hour, then fell back asleep and did not get up until 7:30....surely not used to that late a start! Seems like I have been behind all day...I just finished breakfast and it is 12:30! O well, guess I am allowed once in awhile, huh? I got my bed made and was brushing Oreo when my sister Kathy called, we talked for 1 hour and 40 minutes....most of the time I was piecing a jigsaw puzzle together on this computer! When she hung up, I got the floors swept and mopped, got the bathrooms cleaned and mopped too. Also got the litterboxes cleaned with fresh litter and all my clothes I got washed yesterday! I also finished brushing and bathing the "girls".
I went for a haircut yesterday morning, then by the office to pick up charges for the week and make a deposit. I had not been to the office since Monday. I unlocked the door to utter chaos. The smoke detector was going off and was so loud I couldn't even hear myself think.(I do not know when it actually went off or for how long it had been shrilly singing!) I called the management office for help, but I had to stop the I built a ladder out of chairs and phone books, but I got the detector down from the ceiling without breaking my neck! The outside AC unit had quit working and my office was so hot (could not even find the temp needle on the thermostat) that it had set the thing off. I did the deposit, cut everything off and left within 15 was so hot I thought I would pass out! Went to the bank, made the deposit and had gotten back home and peeled off my wet clothes before the office management called me back. I then had to turn around after getting fresh clothes on and meet them at the office to let them in! Long story short, it will be Monday before anyone will come out to check out the unit. I took a cool shower when I got home so I could cool down. Lay down on the bed under the ceiling fan and promptly fell asleep until about 5 p.m. Of course when bedtime rolled around, I was not sleepy! So I put puzzles together until I was cross eyed!! LOL!!
Well, enough for now, got to run the vac over my area rug and hallway runner...take another shower, and then back to my book after I pop over and visit my blog sisters real quick. Whatever you choose to do this weekend...make it memorable. Chat more next time...Luv to all! Mat


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