Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I just have to believe that cooler times WILL be here before October!! :o) Today is our 9th straight day of morning temps in the 80's and afternoon highs in the triple digits plus the heat index of 110! (We R still under severe heat advisory for the rest of this week as well!) Normally we experience 16 days of triple digits for the whole year, we have exceeded that already! I guess with the UNUSUAL snowy weather we had this past year, the heat has to try and surpass it! (I guess U know by now....I cannot take the HEAT!!) I used Linda's QP and her word art to make this cute layout of the girls! They seem to have no energy either!! Not even for chasing their favorite toy mouse...tee hee! O well, guess I will go back to my book for a spell! Too hot for anything other than lying under the ceiling fans and AC vents with a cool julep in your hand! Whatever you choose to do today, make it a memorable time! Chat with all y'all later! Luv, Mat


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