Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In the blink of an eye

Got this fabulous wordart from Linda at Random Thoughts and just had to do a page using it. Since I did a page for Kathy and her family, I decided to do Penny's this time. I'm sure she and Weymond can relate to these words. Seems like yesterday they married, then had the twins and then Amy! Now they are all graduated from high school, Lamar is in college at Troy, AL. Lance married Margaret and are parents to Hayden the first grandbaby and Amy is working a full time job. Doesn't take long, but then I can remember when Penny was born and she was my baby sister to care for! O lord, I am getting old!!!! :o) Maybe it's this rainy, rainy weather that has me melancholy...nah, just old age catching up with me....LOL! Y'all have a great evening and I'll chat more with you later! Luv, Mat I used a freebie BG an older photo of Penny before her marriage to Weymond, since I did not have a clear one of him I used one from Lance's wedding and desaturated them both to b/w as if they are remembering. The photo of Lamar is from graduation, I took the one of Lance & Margaret Thanksgiving of 07 before they married, the one of Hayden is one of the few of her I got in May of 09 and the one of Amy is from Lance & Margaret's wedding. The elements are from Silver & Black kit by Sherry C and the wordart is Miss Linda's.


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