Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cold, Wet and Quiet

What to do on a cool, wet, cloudy, quiet day??? Why scrap, of course! I did that yesterday most of the day! Yep, probably sat here too long, but sure was in the mood and I took special care to get up and relax the arm a lot. The "girls" are all fed and napping, so thought I'd upload and share some of the pages I did. I'm learning how to blend properly that doesn't take so many of blended pages. Thanx to all who have provided the free scrapping kits. I so enjoy them and your generosity. Hope you have a great Sunday and start off your week with fond memories. Chat later, y'all! Luv, Mat This was my first attempt at blending, I did this for SBF as a reintroductory page of my impatience with this prolonged healing process. The kit is by cuddlebeez and the wordart is by Aubrey's Mom This is my greatniece Hayden who just turned 1 yr old. The kit is from last years Fall Splendor Blog, this one is by Amy Sumrall.This is greatniece Jade in a kit from KV CityScribe in the Fall Splendor Blog TrainThis is little Ruby in a kit by DJFS in the Fall Spendor Blog Train.


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