Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012 Everyone!

It has been spring for a couple of days here (at least temperature wise)! Even had my windows open today! I've blown leaves and picked up 11 bags for the trash yesterday, cannot move too well today...LOL! And as the wind picked up...the leaves began another rain dance and my lawn looks like I've never picked them up...What a mess again...LOL! Anyhow, house is clean, clothes are all washed and put away, starting out the new year right....tee hee! Making pork steaks, cabbage, black eye peas, and cornbread for lunch tomorrow and a few friends will be coming to eat and celebrate with me. Can't wait!
My boss had her knee replacement on Wednesday, all went well, she is at home now, trying to manage the pain and getting used to the therapy! Sure know what she is going through, but her surgery was much less invasive than mine. Glad they have new techniques now. Hopefully, she will be back full and ready to go in about 5 more weeks.
My wish for all of you is a safe, healthy and happy 2012. 2011 was pretty good to me for the most part and I am really looking forward to this new year, lots more happiness and hopefully the ability to do a little more traveling to see my beloved family! Hope all of you enjoy this evening making lots of memories to share! Chat more with you later! Luv, Mat
PS Forgot to say happy 3rd birthday to Ruby, so Happy third birthday Ruby, luv you bunches and you sure look cute in this page made by Miss Linda! XO XO! :)


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