Thursday, November 17, 2011

The weekend is almost here AGAIN!!

Boy, the time surely seems to be flying by. Is it because I am so busy or just that it is closing in on the end of another year? Whatever it is, I can't believe how fast the days seem to speed by! I've been in a creative mood too, so have been creating QPs and have put some online at Miriams Scraps, check them out, her link is on the right. I've been trying to gather up some Christmas gifts for the nieces, nephews, and the great ones too! We have been having some terrific fall weather here. I'm hoping to get my Christmas decorations to where I can sort them and get them ready for putting up or outside, after Thanksgiving...LOL! Well, here are a couple of pages I have finished up thought you might enjoy. Thanx for stopping by for a visit, hope you enjoy your day doing what you love, making memories to share. Chat more with you later! Luv, MatMiss "cutie patootie" Hayden in her first attempt at fishing with mama and her Papa, she loved it and she caught a 2 pound catfish. I got these photos from Margaret and used a polaroid frame cluster I had made earlier and used a BG from the 2MrsSumners Valentine kit a few years back.This is Jade swinging (got this off Christina's FB) and used a QP I made using freebie kit called Wisteria from Scrapiness Down Under.Another photo snitched from Christina of Ruby riding a horsey and placed her in a freebie QP by Lanell at Never Forget Memories.Here's Margaret with Hayden looking from a QP I made using freebie Autumn kit by Marzena.


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