Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank You Veterans

Thank you to all our veterans, past or present, for all you have sacrificed so that I might live in a free country! I appreciate all you do or have done to give that right to me. I also thank your families that suffer the sacrifice of not having you at home safe and sound every night. This is your day to be honored and remembered! I remember you every day! May God watch over and Bless each and every one of YOU! Thank You!Jim Hill, Pete Tate, Jerry Tate, Jason Tate, Marvin Barchers, Elvin Barchers, James Adkins, Charles Adkins, Judy Deaver, Janet Williams, Scott Williams, William Barnett, Jerry Bennett, Johnny Bell, Carl Adkins, Donald Mitchell, Joe Levengood!
Luv, Mat
I created this page from several different freebies from ScrapbookFlair. Thanx to all you wonderful designers for your work!


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