Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trying to learn wordart

I've been playing with different brushes, blending techniques and how to make wordart. Here's a sample of my wordart. but I made it a png so it is transparent. Here's pages I made of the girls using this wordart as well as some blending of their photos.I created a fill layer, then a photo layer that I blended, then another of the photo layer with the background removed and the wordart.Here's Oreo where I put her on a background of painted papers by Angelscrapper, blended her into it and added the wordart.I did the same with Pumpkin on a different painted paper background by Angelscrapper, blended her in, then recopied her photo over it so her whiskers would show and added the wordart. I have also made the word art without the cat silouette and with some different brushes. Will try making pages with them later. Hope you all have a great day...while I keep trying to perfect this....LOL! Chat more later, y'all! Luv, Mat


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