Friday, March 6, 2009

Surprise Sis!

Talked with my sister earlier today, she wasn't feeling so hot so thought I would make a couple of pages to surprise her. The first page is her at the hospital when both of her granddaughters were born. The other is her hubby of almost 40 years with both girls also at the hospital. The top photos on each page are of Jade, born 12-15-06 and the bottom ones are of Ruby, born 12-31-08. Both granddaughters are their pride and joy second only to their sons, Jason (daddy) & Jeff. I know the photos of Ruby were taken by Uncle Jeff, not sure about Jade's photos, they were probably taken by daddy! Anyhow, Sis, hope this will surprise you, cheer you up and help to make your weekend great. The pages were QP's that I made using CJS' kits, the one with Kathy & girls is from Celebrate Carol and the one with Jim & girls is Love Elegance kit. Both kits and QPs are freebies on the CJS Website. Have a great weekend y'all, chat later....Mat


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