Monday, March 2, 2009

Just remembering

I was going through some photos and thought I would collage a few of my favorites of the "girls" with a collaboration of some kits. First, of course, has to be MzKitty since she was our first. She weighed in at .75 pds when we found her near starvation and fleas dining on her. She was so tiny, but very loud with her crying. She was bottle fed and used to spread eagle in her dinner bowl when introduced to solids. She got lots of baths, but loved to be cuddled and held. She still does! She went to work with me daily for the first year of her life. She does not know she is a cat. We won't tell her any different either...LOL! I used several kits, all freebies; Kit N Kaboodle by Enaideel Scraps, Kyra's (Russian Dutch Heart) Moments in a Cat's Life and Companions of Character, Lil's Little Luxury-Cat bits, CJS's Cute Kit and Cat Paws by unknown (no Tou). Will try making Oreo's tomorrow night. Thanx for visiting and looking! Later y'all! Mat


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