Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Remembering still

And here's our baby, Pumpkin, who came to us a year after MzKitty. She appeared in the back yard one day as I was feeding a couple of tiny, tiny kittens that had been abandoned under the barn (I found a great home for them together). Pumpkin had half the fur on her tail missing and was so skittish, but starved and so thirsty. After I put down food and water, walked away from her so she would eat. She made a home under the barn and it took almost 3 weeks of feeding and sitting out talking to her as she ate before she would allow me to pick her up. Took her to the vet and he said she was about 3 months old. Got her shots and when she was old enough got her fixed and the rest is history. Oreo took her on as her "baby", making MzKitty jealous, but finally won all of us over. She is just now coming around to sleeping on the bed too and allowing me to pet her. She chases the other two through the house all the time, she loves to play. She has a small squeaky meow, but talks a lot when she wants to eat. She will always be the baby....LOL! Again I used all my Freebie Cat Kits by various talented designers, Kyra's Moments in a Cat's Life & Cat and Mouse Play, Pampered Cat frame by CMS, Cat Bits by Lil's Little Luxury and CJS's Cute Kit frame. Thank you to all these fabulous designers for allowing us to use their kits to make our pages a lot more fun! Well, it is time for dinner....later y'all! Mat


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