Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Still Remembering

Okay, here's Oreo's collage. We got her sometime in October of 2005. Our friends Jill, Scot, Rachel and Taylor rescued her (and 2 sisters and a brother)and were looking for a good home for her. I thought MzKitty might need a playmate. i actually chose her sister, the runt, but when my neighbor and I got home with our choices, Oreo took to Me and would not let my neighbor have her back, so we swapped. She went to work with MzKitty and I until August of 2006. MzKitty mothered her a lot, they snuggled all the time. Now Oreo is the biggest and she thinks she is a lap cat here lately...LOL! She "talks" a lot too, especially when she wants to go out! She sleeps with her head on my arm at night. Now she snuggles with the baby more than she does with MzKitty. Again, I used all freebies. the BG is called Cat fur-no TOU, Cat Paws-no TOU, Cat & Dog frames-no TOU, A-liyeo's Cat on the windosill and Kyra's Cat & Mouse Play kit. OK favorite show is coming on, got to go for tonight. Tomorrow is Pumpkin's turn...Later y'all, Mat


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