Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Miss Scarlett

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my friend Judy, also known as Jude, but lately and most affectionately as Miss Scarlett. She keeps her Tennessee veranda stocked in the spring, summer and fall with Mint Juleps for all us visiting "sisters" and during those chilly wintry months she brings us into her parlor for hot toddies. A true southern tradition by a true southern belle and her hubby Rhett! The 22nd is your special day and I hope it is a fantastic one. I hope this surprise is a nice one for you, I created it with kits that I have had for at least a year...Friendship Rose by Jannisscrap Designs and Friendship Kit by CJS' Creations. Also Miss Doodle provided me the photo that I made B/W to fit the scheme. I know you like the soft pastel colors and I am sending you my favorite, yellow roses. I truly value your friendship! Have a terrific birthday! Luv, Mat


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