Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tax Filing Day

The deadline is here for us. We file our income taxes this evening. Spent most of yesterday putting all our papers in order. What a job! We had a picnic here Sunday as it was a beautiful spring day in February. Grilled chicken, macaroni and cheese, corn on the cob and had fresh bread. We also had a marvelous salad and dumpcake with ice cream or Angelfood cake with strawberries for dessert. Nice and fattening huh? Mary came over, and we had friends that had moved from the neighborhood and all their children over as well as some of the current neighbors. We were celebrating not only a gorgeous day with family and friends, but the fact the "drug dealer" next door was finally moving out. So glad our neighborhood is cleaning up.

Yesterday the high winds came in (25-35 mph)bringing fires and higher temps. It actually hit 90 degrees at the airport. The front came through overnight and it is 43degrees this morning with the high winds again today and only to hit mid 50's before dropping to 32 degrees tonight. And everyone wonders why our hospitals are full of flu victims.

Since I have not had time to make a new page, thought I would share this one I made of our trip canoeing down the Florida river in November. Enjoy the peaceful and serenity in it. The kit is a freebie by clynpaint (SBF member)! Have a terrific day! Luv, Mat


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