Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy day to all of you. Just home from work and feeling good. I stopped and treated myself to a massage. Nice end to a busy week I suppose. The weather is great here today, pretty windy(40 mph)but warm. Supposed to steadily start dropping though so think I will make a big pot of potato soup for the weekend. Maybe a big pan of cornbread. What else do you need? My honey to snuggle with and movies to watch and hybernate. I hope to get in some scrapping time too. Hope all of you have had a terrific day/evening in store with you special love. Signing off early tonight as I have plans with my signicant other.

Before I leave I made a special page for my sisters so am putting it on here for them to see. The kit I used is by Creative Victorian Designs called Inherit Blessings. The photo was made at my office on 2/7/08. Happy 24th Anniversary to my little sis/BIL Penny/Weymond and HVD to Sis/BIL Kat/Jim.


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