Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Time Change Already?

Can You believe it? Time change is here again this weekend! Time just seems to fly by so fast now days!!
It's been spring here in Texas since the middle of January. All the trees have budded, bloomed and now are the pretty early spring green. Flowers are popping out everywhere and I have potted some pansies, geraniums, live forevers and dianthus and ornamental cabbages. The temps are perfect (actually a little warm) but the wind is about to tear everything up by the roots. We are expecting 2-3 inches of rain over the next three days that will help a lot especially if it is the slow soaking rain. And temperatures are to drop back about 20 degrees to the mid to upper 50's.
I took some photos of my cat collections...the 3 family kitty cat flower pots hold the dianthus', then there are the 2 solar cats amongst my potted plants in the front, the 2 welcoming ones standing on the front portico and all my placques that hang over the kitchen window. And my doormat says wipe your paws...think I love cats
These photos of my "girls" were taken with my Blackberry phone and put in a page I created from RDH's A Day in Tom Kitten's Life kit with a freebie cluster from the same kit made by Arlene (there is a link in my blog visits on the right), don't they look cute? They are such fun "girls" and so much company! You should see them now, a fly has gotten in and is about to drive them wild...they are certainly getting some exercise today...maybe they will be exhausted tonight (like a cat needs a reason to sleep...LOL
This newest photo of Hayden is from either Margaret's or Penny's facebook account, thought she looked so cute in this QP I made for Miriam's Scraps (See her link on the right here) a while back. If you haven't visited her space lately, you have missed some really lovely freebies. The wordart on this is one of Miss Linda's (Random Thoughts on the right) from a while back
Since it is hump day, y'all all have a great weekend ahead making lots of great memories to share and don't forget to turn those clocks forward an hour, yep we lose a whole hour on Sunday morning! Chat more next time...Luv, Mat


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