Saturday, October 2, 2010

What a glorious weekend!

Great temperatures around here finally! Have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned with all the windows open daily and the "girls" and I are just loving it! I have had a busy week with cleaning, a little work, put together and ordered 17 photobooks from ScrapbooksPlease for my sisters, nieces and I as Christmas presents (there was a 2/1 sale)! Sure was hectic trying to get all the approvals through e-mails...but was so much fun...they all had a hard time choosing the exact pages they wanted in each book....LOL! I had a lot of FUN trying to find all my pages on the computer to make sure I had the right sizes of them uploaded for printing! Sure feels good to have that out of the way, now I can make some new ones for more later :o)! The books are to be shipped on the 6th!
I took time off yesterday to visit my pal, Nina! We just sat on the back veranda enjoying the swing and great weather while we chatted for 2 hours~LOL~it was so relaxing! Also got to chat with Inez on another hour long phone conversation. She is in Massachusetts where it has been so very wet! She has a bad "summer" cold and is so ready for fall to come up there! Today I have to get the shopping done that I did not do yesterday and then, I plan to just play on this computer until I get too tired! LMAO here (this is what I do daily)! Actually, I am trying to make some Christmas cards and I need to get my design finished up so they can be ordered soon, can't believe it is already October!
I did the page for Inez with a freebie QP by Jaguar Woman and I played with the photo to make it look more like a portrait painting than a photograph...not too sure I am happy with it, but when I put it on facebook everyone commented it was lovely and Inez surely loves it, even if the photo I took at the botanical gardens is 25 yrs old!This page I did for my ex-husband's granddaughter with a gorgeous black and white photo she had taken for her graduation photos. The QP is a freebie called Serenity by GoldenSun Design and Miss Linda's wordart.
Well, off to do my dreaded chores at the grocery store! The "girls" gotta have some treats, food and litter! Whatever you choose to do today, make it memorable so you can share the memories! Chat more next time y'all! Luv, Mat


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