Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Fever hits again!!

Spring is definitely in the air! Got the rest of the trees in the back trimmed, more clean up in the yard, freshly mowed, edged and weed eaten! Trash all out for pick up on Friday. Looks really nice, neat and clean outside and lots better with the trees trimmed. Fencing all looks good now, just getting ready to do some minor repairs and some outside painting, maybe. Not now though with all this high humidity!
Okay, all the windows are opened and I get a wild hair to remove the attached headboard and night stands from my bed. Got those in the barn and my room looks almost doubled in size and so much lighter in there too. So next thing...change the sheets and quilts out, move the bed and lordy, lordy, lordy found a whole new store of cat toys (not to mention hair I had been unable to get to cause could not move it) under the bed. So spring cleaned in there really well. Even dusted the furniture and ceiling fan.
Next day, called Nina, changed out the curtains in my living room to pretty spring sheers, plus changed up the wall decorations (Nina does such great work), then decided to wash and change the curtains in the bedroom too. So much fun, fun, fun! I was really tired so treated myself to some sliced apples, cheese and a glass of wine and went to bed to read until about 10.
Lightning flashes and thunder crashes woke me around 1:15 and did not die down until around 3. Not a lot of rain, but when it did come down it was very fast and very heavy. Wide awake so I read some more until about 7 a.m. then fell back to sleep until 10.
Had to go to Wally World to exchange some things, bought some silk panels to go with my new sheers in the living room, put them up, changed the curtain on the front door to match, changed the dining room to spring colors and then changed the ones in the bedroom around again. Now I am pooped for sure, but surely feels good that the spring cleaning is done, including mopping all the floors and washing the windows inside. Still one more load of clothes where I changed the dining room out, but that's nothing compared to all that has been accomplished this weekend.
Tomorrow, just gonna laze around and watch my Nascar Races and pig out. Hope you have a terrific Sunday as well. Make lots of memories while you can. We have more storms to come through on Monday and Tuesday so glad all the yard work got done.
Chat more with y'all next time. Luv, Mat and "the girls"
Here's what I did in the bedroom with removing the headboard and changing the draperies.

Here's some photos of what we did to the wall and windows of the living room. I used 2 kits of Kyra's from Russian Dutch Heart and a cluster from her kit by Arlene.


Blogger smiekeltje said...

Reading all the things you did made ME feel pooped out LOL!
I should do some of those things too, and I will, only not today ROFL.
Oh, lovely layout you made with the Tenderness kit, I'm not on facebook so could post there.
Have a relaxed day!!!

March 19, 2012 at 3:04 AM  

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