Saturday, October 8, 2011

More photos of Jayson~*~

Been snitching some photos of Jayson off Christina's FB account. Just had to make a few more pages...LOL! He is a Big Boy already....sent him some 6-9 mo clothes. I have been busy gathering birthday presents for Hayden (3 in Oct), Jade (5 in Dec) and Ruby (3 in Dec). I have also been Christmas shopping for all 4 of them too. Next comes Christmas for the nieces and nephews...whew...lots to do! Then comes the sisters (real and "adopted")!! Maybe I will be through by Christmas....LOL! Anyhow, weather is finally cooling down into the upper 80's now. Got to keep my windows closed though as I have been having them opened, had to visit the doctor for vertigo, ALLERGIES acting up because the ragweed is so high. Taking a medrol dosepak and some Antivert. Seems to be helping a little. With the fatigue and swimming head I didn't feel like being at the computer....LOL! Today, I made up for it. Got that new kit from Kyra (With a Russian Dutch Heart) called From Earth to Sky....have created 10 QPs with it and finally scrapped some pages for my friend Jan of her great grandson and a couple of Jayson and even one of my friend Nina. Will not share all of them with you...LOL....but only a couple. Well, tired for sure now, so gonna close early and settle in for a NASCAR and FOOTBALL tomorrow...LOL! Whatever you choose to do for this long weekend...have fun...enjoy each other and make lots of memories to share. Chat more next time y'all!! Luv, Mat
All 3 of Kathy's grandkids at about the same age...LOL
This is a QP from 7th Heaven's birthday celebration
I think this was the day they took him home. I created this page from RDH kit.
Ruby with Jayson. I created this page from RDH kit

My Friend Nina and I created this page from the RDH kit.


Blogger smiekeltje said...

Hello Mat,

Always enjoy reading your little comments on my blog!
After reading your last I went staight here to have a look at the layouts. They are BEAUTIFUL! I feel kind of proud when I see what wonderful things you do with my kits ROFL! But really, they look soo different when somebody else uses them for a layout, very funny.
Thanks for letting me know about the LO's and thanks for using my kit and thanks for your regular visits.
Have a great weekendwith all that sport(we do that too on Sundays)

October 9, 2011 at 2:44 AM  

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