Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring is definitely here!

Got my new internet/digital phone/tv service up and running. Tech arrived around 8:45 and finished about 1:30. Speed is so much better and the TV is great too. The phones even sound clearer and my DVR will record 4 programs at one time and I can watch them in any room. Yippee!! Since I was without service while the tech was cleaning up all the cables etc outside, I used my slow laptop to scrap a couple of quickpages. This is a cute photo I snitched off Margaret's facebook of sweet Hayden. She is growing so much. The QP is a freebie from cuddlebeez using her My Little Valentine kit.These photos I got off Christina's facebook. Couldn't resist..the family all asleep. Jade and Ruby fell asleep with Jason in his chair, Christina was at her work....LOL! This QP is also by cuddlebeez from the same kit.
I have all the windows open (so I can and the overhead fans are all on too! Very warm today, but a nice stiff breeze is keeping it bearable without having to turn on the AC. The "girls" sure are loving lying in the windowsills.
I've just realized I have not eaten today and it is 3 p.m. so think I will fix something and take a break. Did not have to clean much behind the tech, he did it as he went. Amazing! Will probably take me a week to figure out the new stuff with the DVR, far I am loving it! Hope all have a terrific weekend making some more memories to share. Since my laptop now connects with no problems, will be blog walking and catching up after I fill this empty tummy. Chat with y'all more later. Luv, Mat


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