Sunday, September 5, 2010

Attitude says it all!

I had a great day yesterday with my friend Jill. She came by to see all the newest that had been done to my home and to "catch up". We shared a glass of Iced Chai tea and chatted for about an hour, then decided to do a little browsing and kitten loving in the Cat store and the Movie Trading Company's sidewalk sale...then over to her house for some more conversation and fajita dinner with her hubby Scot and children Taylor & Rachel and all the kitty cats (15?)! Was a wonderfully cooler day than we have had in a LONG,LONG time! We sat on the portico and chatted some more yet! Scot is building a kitty condo for my girls and needed some advice as to where I wanted the lounging ledges to be! My "girls" are just gonna love it! When he is finished will snap a shot for all to see! But....since I was out for a few hours (got home about 9:30 p.m.) neglecting my girls AND playing with other CATS (heaven forbid!!) my jealous girls copped an attitude with me...thus this page (see MzKitty sticking out her tongue)! I keep telling Oreo I was just visiting her sister, but she's having none of it :o)! I used the BG & frames from Sooze's Labor Day kit at SBF and MissScarlett's word art! Hope all are enjoying this terrific Sunday and are making lots of memories to look back on later! Will chat more next time! Happy Labor Day tomorrow!! Luv, Mat


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