Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Middle of week already?

Sure does seem like time is flying by here lately. Maybe I've just been too busy...nah, never happen! I painted the paneling on the fireplace wall finally! Surely makes it pop more now and the room looks larger too. Now to decide what I want to hang on the walls...LOL! While looking for alcohol to clean the windshield to replace my car tag, found a huge, yucky, icky, stinky mess under my sink in the disposal sprung a seal leak and it had really made a mess. Replaced the disposal and I had to clean up the goo! That put me in a whole cleaning mode again, so I scratch covered all the cabinets and my grandfather clocks too! My neck, shoulders and arms are not used to WORK...LOL! And this past weekend got the wedding pages all chosen and the books have been ordered and to be shipped on the 6th. Amy is patiently waiting as is Penny, but me, not so patiently! Now I am doing one for Margaret and Lance (Penny too)! Still got to finish Hayden's ABC book and then I want to have a book printed for each girl. Those Photobooks from Scrapbooks Please are fantastic gifts and lots of birthdays are on the way here soon. Besides, I get all the fun and relaxation of making the pages to put in the books...LOL! Well, here are a few pages I managed to make the last couple of days, hope you enjoy them and the rest of your fabulous week. I forgot to write down all the designers I used but thank you to all of you who contributed! Whatever you do make it fun and memorable....we only get one chance in this fantastic life....make it very very very memorable! Chat more later, luv y'all, MatWeymond started this by saying he wished there had been one of him and I made together, so I created this one.
Another created photo of Tony & Bessie (Michael's parents) from it too!
Created photo of Penny & Weymond from the wedding since none were taken of just the two of them.
The change in my fireplace!


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