Thursday, June 3, 2010

U just thought I was through!

Yep, here are some more wedding photos. I am creating all these pages for Amy a photobook! Therefore, I am making more than normal so that she can choose her favorite 20 or 30 to put in the book of memories for I just have to share since that is about all I am doing....LOL! I so enjoy the creating of these pages, but....I am having to slow down some to give "Arthur" a break once in awhile! He just loves to put pain in my neck and shoulders when I sit here too long and doesn't understand that I need to do this NOW and get finished while I am feeling a little creative!! (LMAO)!! Anyhow, thanx to everyone that has contributed kits/wordart, inspiration and especially the kind comments on here, FB and by e-mail! I appreciate each and every one of you. It is definitely too HOT to be outside as we are into the triple digits already...(way too early for these now) guess this project has come at a good time. Thanx for looking and leaving your encouragement. Have a terrific weekend ahead and make lots of wonderful memories to share! Chat more next go around! Love y'all, MatThis is Amy's new in-laws, Tony & BessieMichael's brother Marcus and his wife Kayla were attendants!Amy getting ready!I named this one Dream which could be for either of them...LOL!It was so very hot and muggy, storms brewing all around and Amy was simply gasping while taking these photos, Kay, Mistie and I helped by lifting the dress and fanning a little! She loves this photo and this kit is called liquid fire! LOL!This is Amy & Michael looking in on their wedding day! That's all for today, but I do have more....LMAO!!


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