Thursday, May 13, 2010

O so glad to be home

It's marvelous to visit family and go to special places and events, but there is no place like home and I am so happy to be back. Don't get me wrong, I had a lovely visit with Penny and Weymond and the kids, the wedding was lovely, but it was outside and O SO WARM AND HUMID with storms threatening...but stayed away! As Weymond was walking Amy down the aisle, the thunder was right above and so very loud and the lightening strikes right behind them were straight up and down, but all went off without a hitch. They had a quick service and the vows were beautiful even with Hayden calling AMY!!! I have lots of photos, but right now am trying to catch up for work, so will stop chatting, share a couple of pages then chat more later with y'all! Luv, MatThis is Penny & Weymond's 3 children, Lance, Amy and Lamar. Photo is by Melissa Butler, the frame is by MME and WA is Words of Love 2 by dreamsfulfilled.Lance, Margaret and Hayden in a RR-EK Pot of Gold Cluster 2, OMW Summer extras and WA by Miss Linda at Random Thoughts and again the photo by Melissa Butler.Another photo by Melissa Butler and placed in Authentique QP1 by Marta.M Designs. WA was a freebie with no TOU and it's our family all together before the wedding took place.


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