Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!!

I've been taking it easy this weekend trying to relax the shoulder, arm and neck from this excessive scrapping....LOL! Here are a couple pages I made of Hayden while there....She loves her Papa and Mimi (Weymond & Penny)! Melissa surely took some fabulous wedding photos. I took some too, but haven't done much except the wedding ones as I want to get Amy's book finished. Look out, there will be more coming soon....LOL! Hope y'all all have had a great break from work or whatever...I have, yesterday (since it hit 99 outside) I laid under the AC on my couch in front of my big screen and watched the Indy 500, then....the Nascar Charlotte 600 races. I have also read 2 books this weekend and gotten a massage on the neck and shoulders...Yummy....sure been lazy! Well, NOW I need to get some real work done, so will quit yakking and get down to it! Have a lovely day and a wonderful week ahead. Chat more next time. Luv, Mat


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