Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's MissBoots Fault

Linda said it was simple and easy, I did not believe her, so I decided to try it myself! IT WORKED!! It is simple and so very easy to do. Here's my Wordart masked with extracted MzKitty! I will be glued to this computer all day now...LOL! It is so fun to learn new things with my Photoshop! Thanx ever so much Miss Boots!! I also want to thank Liz Mexgirl for her free kit called Nature that seemed perfect for what I wanted to create. Y'all have a great Sunday, I plan to! Gonna play on this computer for a while then watch the close of the Olympics. They surely have been great this year with lots of upsets, but glad they are coming to an end so I can get some things done...LOL! Chat with ya later! Luv, Mat


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