Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yipee, no more sling

I got to come out of my arm sling....yipee freedom, but sure does make my arm sore. Can't believe it's been 6 weeks! I still cannot lift it on it's own, however, the new exercises hurt like the dickens, that putting behind the back and pulling the arm up with a towel SUCKS big time. But, I do feel a little better with typing now that I can use both hands freely. Makes it easier doing cooking and cleaning too! Just thought I'd drop a note to let y'all know how it's going.
Here's a qp page I downloaded and used "the girls" in. Will have to get back to you the designer...Juliette (I think). Anyhow, since they are my constant companions (MzKitty is helping me now) I take a lot of cute photos of them. Y'all have a great week....chat more next time. Luv, Mat


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