Friday, July 22, 2011

Still under a heat advisory :)

We just can't shake it...21 days in a row with no relief in sight for the next 7 days. Wow~See where a lot of other states not used to the triple digits are experiencing it too~Wow! We haven't had any measurable rain since June 20th either, so grass is beginning to die, most of the plants are dying despite some watering, but when you are on water rationing because of the excessive heat and no rain...guess that is to be expected. My poor car is soooooo dirty, but not taking it to the car wash until it rains...may be dirty for a while...LOL! I think I will head to Tennessee, pickup Scarlett, shoot on up to Ohio for Thelma, then over to Wisconsin for Miss Boots and we're headed to the Canadian home of Louise to soak up some of the cooler weather. Since I have been inside so much, I've guessed it...scrapping...Hayden, Jade, Ruby and the "girls" of course, as well as some of Elizabeth and Andrew's wedding! Hope all of you have big plans for the weekend for making memories to share. Whatever you do, make it fun!! Chat with you next time. Luv, Mat

This kitty is one of six belonging to friends that I watch when they are out of town!
Thanks to Raspberry Road Designs for a lot of these layouts as well as Linda for the Wordart and Ginger for wordart and PascaleA for the tuts on using GIMP, I think I have a good handle on using that program now, but still fine tuning some!


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