Friday, June 3, 2011

Another month gone~~~~~~

They just keep on flying by don't they? Almost half of 2011 down now~the heat is really starting early this year as well! To officially hit 98 today with very high humidity! How are y'all? Seems like it has been forever since I have posted, but boy~~~has it been busy around here! Still trying to get my yard cleared of all this metal lying in it. Finally just mowed around it! A friend is supposed to collect it this weekend! My boss' daughter had her second little girl on the 31st! She sure is a cutie pie too with lots and lots of long dark black hair. I saw and held her on the 1st. Been celebrating birthdays and helping my bestest friend Nina paint and get ready for her family later this month. Her granddaughter, Elizabeth, is getting married on the 19th. Nina just flew to Atlanta and picked up her 2 youngest granddaughter and brought them back to stay until the wedding is over! Also, been busy with my work and just "doing things". Seems like when you retire, the time just slips past with you not really doing much, but....I swear, I DO NOT know how I did it when working full time....guess I just let things slide and did not do them....LOL! I've been doing a lot of baking lately too~never had time for it before! Made a really awesome Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake that is so delicious with a cold glass of milk or fresh cup of coffee! I'm feeding the birds and enjoying watching them a lot~feeding the squirrels and bunnies too~as well as a couple of stray kitty cats~LOL! (Too soft hearted) :) :)
I've played a little bit with trying to learn GIMP program. Still haven't perfected it...but with a few tutorials from Pascale Accord, I am getting around it better. Here are a couple of my newest undertakings.Miss Hayden and her mommy...don't they look alike?This is a freebie from Raspberry Road Designs Pansy Garden and a gorgeous cluster from Miss Linda.Here's my "girls" and I in another one from RRD's Pansy Garden.This was for my sister Kathy's birthday...her and mother ins a RRD Fresh Raspberries cluster by Ellen and WA by Miss Linda.
This is a photo of my friend Janette that I "gussied" up for her.
Whatever you do this weekend, make it fun and memorable. Share it with us too! I plan to! Chat more later~Have a good one and GO MAVS!!!! Luv, Mat


Blogger starsunflowerstudio said...

So cool you are learning gimp! I'm excited to see gimp tutorials on Pascalea's Scrap we Do blog! That's how I found you - from the Monday blog hop.

We've been feeding the birds this year too. They are so beautiful and bring about a feeling of peace. There are a few grosbeaks that are visiting us this year. They have such an interesting vibe!

We're also softies for feeding strays! We even fed a baby possum over the winter, lol. It was a VERY cold winter. He actually was living under our house while there was snow on the ground, and once it warmed up he left.

I totally agree with you that time flies. My months have been zipping by too!


June 6, 2011 at 4:15 PM  

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