Friday, March 19, 2010

Wow the weekend is here!

We've had typical Spring weather this week, today it is a little windy, it is 73 degrees right now, gorgeous and sunshiny! This Saturday is the first official day of Spring, right? Wrong, the wind is supposed to shift and usher in a front from the northwest bringing rain tonight and tomorrow THAT COULD SWITCH OVER TO SNOW!! Can you believe it? This has been the wierdest, snowiest, rainiest, coldest winter I have ever experienced in Texas! All the trees are blooming, the daffodils are out, the wild flowers including the Bluebonnets are beginning to bloom and we are expecting SNOW and temps to drop into the low 30's? It is not supposed to get above 50 tomorrow and Sunday is to be cold and wet all day too! O well, I was packing up all my sweats and cords to put away for the season, guess I will keep the box handy for a couple more weeks. I took the flannel sheets off too! Will have to plug the electric blanket back in I suppose for a couple more nights...LOL! I've been pretty busy and trying to relax my back and shoulder some, but got some new photos off Facebook of Ruby & Jade so made a couple quick pages, can't do those 2 without doing one of here's 3 new pages. Have a terrific weekend, whatever you happen to be doing, make it fun and memorable. Chat with ya more next time. Luv, MatMiss Ruby in her Pink Hat is so adorable in Angelflights Rustic Dream QP2Jade's new haircut is so cute in the Angelflight Shabby Chic QP7Hayden in a page using Waiting for Spring Kit by LizMx and the Wordart is Miss Boots' from Random Thoughts

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

Had a terrific weekend! Saturday, Jill & I went to Winstar (Casino just across the TX/OK border) to see the Gatlin Brothers and Kenny Rogers in concert! We talked all the way up there (a little over an hour drive) ate dinner at Toby Keith's Bar & Grill, talked all through dinner, had marvelous center section seats 13 rows from the stage, talked during intermission and yes even the trip back home. We actually got caught up! We really enjoyed the trip, the food and especially the concert! The place was packed, but we did not drop one coin in a slot machine! It was way too smoky for us. Sunday, I got some outside chores done as it was GORGEOUS at 75 degrees and a light breeze! Yesterday, spent a couple hours at the office as it was payday and my boss is not feeling too well, so she met me there to sign the checks. Today, dawned rainy and cool so, I've cleaned the bathrooms, washed 2 loads, cleaned litter boxes, emptied 3 more boxes, made a peach cobbler and decided to try sitting at the computer a few minutes. My arthritic back and healing shoulder have been talking to me about sitting so much, so took a break for a couple of days....starting to have withdrawals. I made these pages of my great nieces a few days ago, but just never did anything with them, so thought I would post them here today! Wishing all of you a terrific week ahead, making lots of great memories to share! Will chat with you again in a few days! Luv ya! Mat

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sunshine Bog Award

From my dear friend Liz at

the rules for this award and funny game are:

1. post it!

2. give it to 12 friends and link them

3. leave them the message at their blogs

4. write from who you received the award

Ok, so now I give it to my friends:
Thanx for all the joy you bring into my life ladies!!
Luv ya! Mat

Yea!! It's Friday!!

Yea, the weekend is here...I've had a very busy, but productive week and am so looking forward to this gorgeous weekend! Supposed to be sunshine and temps in the 60's and low 70's! I'm going to the Winstar casino with Jill tomorrow night to see Kenny Rogers!! O what fun that will be. I've got some pages I scrapped a while back when I had some time that I have not shared, so thought I would do that since I have been too busy to scrap any this week. These are with Teri's photos and she asked me to make her some pages with them. LOL! Hope your weekend is T-rrrific and that you create a lot of memories to share! Will let you know how the concert goes! Chat with all of you later! Luv, Mat
This is Barbara, the lady Teri takes care of! She has Alzheimer's. I see her about 3-4 times a week, she is such a lovely lady. She used to be a dancer and it is so heartbreaking to know she no longer remembers those times. This was done using Jaelop's Rustiko kit and of course, Linda's Wordart.Teri and her sweetie, Jason! I created this mask and used Amelia's freebie kit.Jason and his daughter Shelby, sorry forgot to write down this kit!I created the whole page and mask of Teri's dog, Bentley!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Funniest Scrapbook of the Week

Wow, I did this just for the fun of doing a crazy photo and I won Funniest Scrapbook of the Week at ScrapbookFlair! I think it hysterically funny that I have this mischievious look and was playing with a frame in a frame! The kits were several older ones that I have on my external hard drive. The frame of course is Angelscrapper's from her CJS-Cute Kit, the other is by Carol Burns, some from the LDS Blog Train called Eternal Marriage and the wordart is Miss Linda's from Random Thoughts. Just thought I'd share this so you can start this lovely wet week with a big laugh! Y'all have a good one and chat more later! Luv, Mat

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another Rainy Sunday!

Another Rainy Sunday perfect for making new pages using some new techniques I've learned! I am having too much fun and sitting here too much when I have other things to do, but hey, I'm retired now and who is to tell me to get up and do something? No one, so here I sit, just creating away! LMAO...and loving every minute of it!! Here's a couple more masks I made and of course, my choice of photos are "the girls", why not since I have a lot of photos of them. This I made this morning using a freebie brush for the heart shaped mask, the BG paper is appropriate for it is by Cuddlebeez called Rainy Days Papers, I've used Elegant wordart, the cat tower is from Lindalou Creations kit called Puss, the mouse is from RDH designs kit called Cat Society and the label is Cat's life elements with no TOU! The pawprints are also a freebie brush. This one is Pumpkin in a mask I created using freebie brush (? forgot to write it down ?)but the background here is from the huge, huge, huge Shine On Blog Train that so reminded me of her. I adore this photo!O well, enough for now, got to get up and move around a little, think I'll go take a shower and relax the shoulders....LOL! Y'all have a terrific Sunday! Chat with ya later! Luv, Mat

Thursday, March 4, 2010

O the joys of learning new things!!

MissBoots got me started with the words, then I experimented with the photos in a word and now....I've made my very first mask. I created it for the challenge running on ScrapbookFlair of Black, Grey and White. I'm kind of proud how it turned out. I used the b/w photo that Jeff took of Jade at Christmas and her desire to dance as my inspiration for the page. The wordart, of course, is Miss Linda's and the kit I used other than the BG & mask is by efie's designs called Black & White kit. Now I need to get off this computer, quit playing and do some work...LOL! Will chat with y'all a little later as I am having way too much fun with this new knowledge....LOL! Luv, Mat

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday late Tiffany

I missed my niece's-in-law, Tiffany, birthday on Monday, but had made a page for her using masking for a challenge on SBF and posted it the same day! Here is what I made for the challenge and am sending it along with belated wishes to this cutie who just turned 28! Hope it was a lovely day sweetheart! The kits I used were freebies from the LDS Blog Train called Eternal Marriage, the mask is a freebie by YSA and the wording is all mine with brushed on sparkles and the gorgeous photo is by Tiff's talented hubby, Jeff. Have a terrific day y'all, will chat later. Luv,Mat