Monday, April 12, 2010

Beautiful Spring Day

Went to a bistro for lunch with Teri and Barbara on Friday, too pretty a day to be inside so we went to stroll through the park. We walked all around the pond, fed the ducks, watched kids climb trees and just enjoyed the breeze. I took a few photos so had to make a few pages...yes I know....ain't making memories fun? On Saturday, Teri, Jason and I went downtown for the Art Festival, then over to the botanical gardens that was full of wedding parties and no place to park, so we went into the Japanese Gardens. It was pretty peaceful and grabbed a few photos there too, have not downloaded them yet, but will after a bit. It got a little crowded there too when the girls in their pretty prom dresses and professional photographer came in to snap some memories for them. Today is another pretty day, but have been busy working this morning, so thought I would upload some of the park pages then get outside and do something, will get back to you on the kits involved when I find the paper where I wrote them down. So cutting this short and will try chatting more with y'all later! Luv, Mat Teri in the tree
Yours Truly!


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