Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What is this white stuff?

We awoke to wet falling snow this morning, I took the girls out so they could see what it was. MzKitty and Oreo are 5, Pumpkin is 4...they have never seen or been in snow before...LOL! It was hysterically funny. MzKitty would not come beyond the stoop of the door (under the overhang), Pumpkin ran out into in having a blast, Oreo crept along beside the house under the eaves, but would not get into the snow. When the flakes hit her back, she shot back into the house! I laughed until I hurt! I made the background of the geranium and Pumpkin, then a small photo of each one just so y'all could see. The snow is already coming to an end, so we are just getting a good dusting now, but supposedly more by Friday! We so seldom see snow down here that everyone was out taking photos like I was...LMAO! Have a terrific day and will chat with y'all later! Luv, Mat


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