Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm Still Here

Man, I took off a week to move in and get all the utilities, etc transferred. What a rushed time, yet I felt so distanced from all with no internet for a week. When I finally got back to work to my computer there, I had 194 messages to weed through. LOL!
We are still not finished emptying CRAP out of the duplex, but are a lot closer than we were. The temperature is finally beginning to cooperate a little too. We are pretty much settled into a routine now at the new house. It is finally beginning to look like home. Still have 2 rooms to unpack and set up, but finally got my computer all set up last evening. Got one of the new garage doors installed. After the other one is replaced, we can start looking for a house painter for the outside. Finished the flooring except for 2 closets and the 2 baths. We have not EVEN thought about starting on the 4th bedroom or the 3rd bath.
The "girls" are loving all the space and all the new and exciting places to hide. They sure do "talk" a lot more now (I think they are trying to find each other!) They have toys in each and every room now!!!
I took some photos along and hopefully will be able to make a few more pages later, but put this one together this morning using CJS' Goodbye Summer kit. I adore the frames, makes a great quickpage for popping in photos. Thanx a lot Carol for your generosity in sharing your talent.
Well, over to the duplex now, finished with what I wanted to do here today, you know, made the bed, vacuumed the rugs, mopped the floors, took my shower and made a scrap page. Now to bring over a couple more loads to stack into a room to unpack during the evenings this coming week. LOL!
Thanx a lot for the visits friends and leaving all the encouraging words and most of all the hugs, love and the Mint Juleps. Love you all....Later, Mat


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