Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cat Eyes

Since it is a lazy WARM Saturday afternoon and I am at loose ends for an hour or so I thought I would make a couple of scrap pages. There is a challenge on Scrapbook Flair of freckles and eyes sooooooo...why not a page of our darling baby girls' eyes. They are so trusting, loving and all seeing, Right? MzKitty has the golden yellow eyes, Oreo the gorgeous green and Pumpkin has orange eyes like her fur. Just thought this would be a cute page. Did not do it for the challenge, just for me and to share with you. There are 3 different kits used here, the background, black cat and frames are from Caw Paws but I do not know the author of the kit. The cat alpha is from Dog/Cat Alpha kit, but again I have no idea who created this kit. The quote is from Cat Bits by LLL Creations. Thanx for viewing this page. Later, Mat.


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