Friday, September 30, 2011

~~~~Here's Jayson~~~~

Jade and Ruby have a new baby brother, Jayson Christopher! He was born by C-Section at 5:40 p.m. on 9-27-2011 at the Missouri Baptist Hospital in St. Louis. He was 22 inches long and a whopping 10 pounds 6 ounces. He is one BIG BOY!! He is out of NICU and in room with mommy now so that all can see him. Both mother and baby are doing well and expected to go home tomorrow. Daddy and sisters are happy to hold and "play" with him. Grandpa Jim is so very proud of him and can't get over how big he is. His grandma Kathy is also very glad that he is here and all is well, but she has a terrible cold with a temp and cannot be around him yet. She did see him behind glass when he was born though. His uncle Jeff and aunt Tiff cannot be there until after the weekend as Tiff's father passed away the night before Jayson was born and will be buried today, so they are in Tennessee right now. Here is a couple of the first photos I snitched from Christina's FB account. Will be more later I am sure...LOL!I used a kit called It's A Boy by Just-A-Dream and a cluster by goingdigi called boyish dreams that I flipped. Thanx to both for the lovely freebies.
My sister Penny's brother-in-law had heart surgery yesterday and came through it well, all went as expected. This was the same surgery her hubby had a few years ago! It's a heredity thingy with the aortic valve.
We hit 101 again yesterday! This makes 71 days in 2011 that we hit triple digits. A front finally came through about 9 p.m. with a lot of wind and loads and loads of lightning, but very little rain at my house, but some and every little bit is appreciated. Dropped the temps to the low to mid 80's through the weekend. Needless to say, I have all my windows open and the "girls" are loving it. Each one is in a different window soaking it up...LOL!
Well, today is payday, so have lots of errands, got to go do them. Will chat with all of you next time. Have a super duper weekend making lots of memories to share! Luv, Mat

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Great Fall Weekend~

Thursday, we actually had a front come through, dropped the temps a little bit and a few more tiny showers. I joined my friends Janette and Debbie for a great birthday cook out where we enjoyed sitting outside watching the birds and squirrels. Then on Friday, we met up at Souper Salad with Michelle and again had a great "girl's day out" with shopping afterwards. Snapped a few shots to make a couple of pages for them. Also finished up a project for Nina's granddaughter yesterday. Also got a long 2 hour catch up phone call from my stepdaughter, Tracy and last evening another surprise call from ex-sister-in-law, Inez. It's been a good couple of days! Today, catch up housekeeping day...LOL! I've dusted everything including baseboards, window blinds, doors tops and even the ceiling fans, vacuumed and even mopped the whole house. Getting ready for a shower, but thought I'd post this before I do. Then, it's Nascar chase race and FOOTBALL! I totally love my Sunday's just loafing and watching TV all day, snacking here and there too...LOL! Got a few pages of my constant precious "girls" too, of course! My sister Kathy will be a grandma again on Wednesday...her grandson will be taken by C-section on that day....can't wait, first boy...Jade and Ruby want another sister...LOL! Just so everything goes okay is all I pray, am sure you will see pages as soon as I can get some photos....LOL! Well, sitting here sticky and tired, so going for my shower now...have a great Sunday ya'll! Chat more later, keep making those memories to share! Luv, Mat
(BTW, will come back and post credits to all the lovely ladies that provided me with the fabulous freebies for these later. WA from Diana's Spirit of Autumn Kit or Dive Into Fall WA Blogtrain)This is a QP by Eledhwen designs using RRD Summer Goodness kit.
Collaboration of kits, sorry did not write down who, if yours please let me know and I will give credit.
Carena's Autumn Cruch QP
Autumn Beauty Cluster frame with no tou, sorry and my wordart :)
Diana's Spirit of Autumn kitfreebie from tsstar-QPnb-erica
Cuddlebeez Willow Hall Kit

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Water from the sky, what is it?????

It has been so long since we have seen rain, that when it started night before last, not sure what it was. Went to check and yes, it was RAIN, blessed RAIN! I took my shoes off and went and played in the rain...LOL...yes I did! It even looks like we might get some more this afternoon. Hoping so, my yard surely loved what little we have already gotten. I even plugged in the battery tender to my lawn mower as I know I will have to mow the grass later, but right now, just want to look at all that green grass. :) Love it (especially since I am the only one on the court with green grass)! We actually tied then broke the all time record for most number of days in the triple digits in one year. Last Monday it hit 105 and Tuesday it hit 107, highest temps for those dates ever and tied, then broke 1980 record of 69 days in one year. We hit 70 this year and the average overall temperature was higher too. We started tapering down on Wednesday when it only reached 97, then down to 94 yesterday and today supposed to hit 90, but hey it is less than 100+ Right? This has also been the driest year since sometime in the 1950's so far. The worst year for wildfires for sure with the largest loss of property and lives. They almost have the Palo Pinto County fire contained, down to 90% now and the Bastrop County fire is 75% contained. I think all these prayer vigils we have been having has finally worked.

Did you notice my nice new blog look? Nice autumn look to it and all the thanx goes to my fabulous BLOG FAIRY, Carol. Thanx so much Miss Doodle for all you do, I just love the new look and feel. Hope you have a fantastic vacation break. Miss Gerri & Miss Judy, hope you are doing well and enjoying some cooler weather up there. Miss Linda I know you are loving the cooler temps, but frost already? Send some this way please! Miss Scarlett I surely hope the cooler temps are agreeing with you, guess it will soon be hot toddy weather in your parlor, huh? Nina so happy you have your car repaired and now have transportation again!

I did a few scrap pages for my friend Nina's granddaughter's wedding and just could not resist making a few for just take a look at them if you want and see how the great nieces are growing, how lovely my niece Sebrina is and always, my beloved fur girls....LOL!

I've fed my "girls", my outside feral kitties, and the birds, fresh water out, fresh litter and got all my house cleaning (:as much as I'm gonna do anyway:) done, clothes washed and getting ready for some NASCAR and some FOOTBALL, so gonna make this short and sweet today. Hope all of you have a marvelous, relaxing, memory making day with those you love. Chat more with you next time....Luv, MatLittle Miss Jade on her first day of PreK and some of her art work in a page made with School Frames by SharenKMiss Ruby loving her chocolate ice cream in a QP by ACG called Remember Last Summer.
My lovely Sebrina in a QP made by MMTS from Cuddlebeez kit ALL IN A DAY and the newest wordart from Miss Linda.I simply loved this QP from Miriam at Miriams Scraps so had to use it. The photo of me was taken in 2006 at the Japanese TeaGardens in Ft. Worth.Oreo
All my "girls" in frames from a collab kit called Elves in rosegarten, these frams are by baerbel and I recolored the one on Oreo. Thanx to all you wonderful designers for your lovely freebies. Mat

Friday, September 9, 2011

Still Dry, Dry, Dry...but lovely temps now!

Wow, when the triple digit temps finally broke (1 day shy of the record for 1980), it brought such lovely cool weather that we are all rejoicing in. Now if it would just rain to stop all the wildfires and loss of homes. More than 600 homes to date and new fires breaking out daily. So far, the closest to the Metroplex area (Dallas-DFW-Ft.Worth areas) has been about 50 miles on the east, 70 miles on the west, 40 miles to the north and now 90 miles to the south. I have opened all my windows (washed them too!) and my doors each day until the smoke starts to invade. I am only using the AC now for a couple of hours in the late afternoon....yippee! I can certainly empathize with all those in the northeast that are experiencing so much flooding. Too much of anything is not always a good thing. Loss of property and lives no matter how (fire, flood, tornado, earthquake...etc), is not a good thing!
For two days, I was trapped in my home because they repaved the court I reside on and then the street out front the next day....LOL! looks good and the smoothness of the road is certainly better~so I scrapped a bit. Here is what I came up with. A couple of pages of my girls....LOL....what else...right? I really like the new Apple Freebie by Raspberry Road Designs...check these out!The wordart is by Miss Linda too, thanx Linda, thanx Susan for the kit and Ellen for the cluster. This wordart is by Marlene and the bits are by Ellen and the kit by Susan at RRD. This kit is a freebie from Scrappiness Downunder.This is an older layout, don't remember who's, and an older photo I have used before, but only one I have of me and all 3 "girls"!
I wish a terrific weekend for all of you, enjoy it no matter what! I am so happy Football is back, did you see that exciting game last evening? The Packers did a terrific job keeping those Saints at bay! DaBOYS play on Sunday in NY against the Jets. Let's all remember the 9-11 tragedy on Sunday too! Cannot believe it has been 10 years already! Do you remember what you were doing when it happened? Keep all those that are still suffering, as well as our NATION, in your prayers! Well, gotta head out of here, going to get this mangy head of hair cut this morning....LOL! Have a good one, enjoy your loved ones! I'll chat more later! Luv, Mat

Friday, September 2, 2011

I got a new blog award from Scrappers Emporium

I got a new blog award from Lynn at Scrappers Emporium
I appreciate it so very much Lynn, Thank You!
I must pass it on to 5 other blogs that I think Rock!
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

September? Already?

Wow, where has this year flown to? I thought it was supposed to start a cool down in September...NOT here, we are on day 66 of the 100+ temps and it doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon. NO RAIN EITHER! We had over 165k acres burn out west of us in April, now it is on fire just east of there now. Last count I heard was over 3 dozen homes lost and fire only 25% contained. Another wildfire is burning nw of us too! It is a real tinderbox in the areas here with no relief in sight. The poor animals are really suffering in the heat and with no water or food. So, I have been staying in out of the heat...yep, soaking up all the AC and praying that the rolling black outs don't hit here. I keep my thermostat at 80, but have the house closed up, when you go out and come back in, it is like a nice:)! So many cooling places are open for those with no AC and they electric companies are trying to help those with exhorbitant bills. I've scrapped some pages, but mostly cats for my friends Janette/Mike and some of my own kitty girls. Here's a few of my babies hope you enjoy. I wish all of you a safe and memory making Labor Day break. Hope you have a lot of fun with family and friends. Chat more next time y'all! Luv, MatThis shot shows MzKitty's pretty torteshell colors.
Sweet baby Pumpkin
My cuddle buddy Oreo.
I'm gonna make a new alpha series using my Cats photos...LOL!
I have to find the paper where I wrote all the info down for the pages, will post when I find it...LOL. I know I have some Russian Dutch Heart and some Raspberry Road Designs, but can't remember them all...guess it's my age sneaking in....LOL!