Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!!

I've been taking it easy this weekend trying to relax the shoulder, arm and neck from this excessive scrapping....LOL! Here are a couple pages I made of Hayden while there....She loves her Papa and Mimi (Weymond & Penny)! Melissa surely took some fabulous wedding photos. I took some too, but haven't done much except the wedding ones as I want to get Amy's book finished. Look out, there will be more coming soon....LOL! Hope y'all all have had a great break from work or whatever...I have, yesterday (since it hit 99 outside) I laid under the AC on my couch in front of my big screen and watched the Indy 500, then....the Nascar Charlotte 600 races. I have also read 2 books this weekend and gotten a massage on the neck and shoulders...Yummy....sure been lazy! Well, NOW I need to get some real work done, so will quit yakking and get down to it! Have a lovely day and a wonderful week ahead. Chat more next time. Luv, Mat

Saturday, May 29, 2010

More, more, more......

Sorry, just can't help myself...I am having way too much fun with these wedding photos. It seems I can't shut off the ideas, so bear with me, I know I will wind down soon....then again, maybe not! Amy, Mistie, Kayla, Bessie, Penny, Kay, Kathy and Melissa are enjoying them so much that I just keep making them and making them. Soon they will tire of seeing them too....LOL! Thanx for all the kind words and sweet comments and for looking at them. Facebook is flooded with them now as is my blog, but have been too busy to put them on SBF as I don't have the time to comment on all the others on there....LOL! Here's a few more that I did this week! Chat with ya more later! Luv, Mat

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jade's new haircut.....

Yippee, Miss Carol made a new border that is simply lovely! The minute I received the e-mail, got the download and just had to make a page using it. This is Jade in her new haircut about 2 months ago. Isn't she a cutie pie? Again Carol so happy to see you creating again and thanx so much for sharing. Chat with y'all again soon. Luv, Mat

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I know I am obsessed, but even more wedding pages!

I really am obsessed with getting some of these done for Amy's book, so apologize ahead of time for slacking off on my chats and only doing these (50 to date) pages...but time is real important right now, and I do hope y'all are enjoying the pages. We had a lovely visit and I am just so rushed with thoughts of how to do pages...seems like my mind and fingers are working on their own...LOL! Will catch up soon I promise, in the meantime, have fun doing whatever you like and making memories while doing it. Luv ya, Mat

Friday, May 21, 2010

And still some more wedding pages!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

More wedding pages I have made....

I'm sorry did not keep track of all the freebies I used, but am so very thankful to all the designers that have contributed to these pages! Thank you all so very much!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

OK Sista's I'm gonna be first to wish ya HB!

We are sharing another year together on our birthday! Have a terrific day Donna and KimberlyRae...luv ya both! Made this using ACMommy28's Birthday Celebration kit from SBF and photos of them I got from their FB albums. Chat more later! Luv, Mat

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy May!

May is a busy month for me...birthdays galore and anniversaries and weddings and....I need a secretary to remind me of them all! My friend Debbie's birthday was the 4th...Flew to GA on the 5th...BIL Mike's birthday was the 7th...Amy & Michael's wedding was the 8th....also anniversary for Jason & Christina...Mother's day the 9th...Flew home on the 11th...Amy's Michael had a birthday the 13th...Lance & Margaret's 2nd anniversary the is Christina's birthday....tomorrow is my family physician/friend Mike's birthday (too many Mike's in this family...LOL)...Mine,Donna & KimberlyRae's birthday is the 20th, the 21st is my friend Nita's stepbrother, Wayne's is the sister Kathy's is the 27th and my friend, Jill's birthday is the 30th! Then there is Memorial Day too....lots of activity this month. I wish each and every one a terrific and wonderful celebration! I did a page for Lande and Margaret and one for Christina that I put on Facebook, so thought I'd share it here too. Y'all all have a great day, chat more next time! Luv, Mat

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Trying to play catch up!!

I've been trying to catch up with my blog sisters as well as my facebook posting AND some work, grocery shopping and taking care of the girls. Got my suitcase unpacked, clothes washed and put away and my 145+ e-mails taken care of! Finished the floor in the master bathroom, now got to finish the guest one, replace both bathroom sinks and faucets and the lighting in the guest bathroom and the transistions on the floors, then all I have to do is seal and paint all the baseboards and I think all the upgrading will be done? Big job finally dwindling down. Anyhow, took a few minutes to make a couple more pages of the nieces and great nieces while I am contemplating some more for the wedding photos. Just taking a minute before the next wave of storms, to post some here and then back to work. Hope Y'all all have a terrific week end making memories. Will chat more with ya later! Luv, MatI took this of Amy & Hayden at Mr.Chick's restaurant on the 10th, used a QP by Teapot Lady from her Paesaggio kit.From the Because I Said So Blogtrain, with photos snitched from my niece Sebrina's Facebook site.My greatnieces, Jade, Ruby & Hayden in RR-EK Farm Chic Cluster # 5, BG by ACMommy28 in the SBF Birthday Celebration kit, the WA is by Jennifer@ Word Art World and I used the Bow from Bella's Love by Amelia.This photo I took at Penny's office on the 10th when we went down to print my boarding pass off. We had Hayden and had stopped at WalMart where we bought her the new hat. The BG is one of Ferro's (from SBF) the WA is all mine and the Rusty frame is by Polarfuchs Treasures.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

O so glad to be home

It's marvelous to visit family and go to special places and events, but there is no place like home and I am so happy to be back. Don't get me wrong, I had a lovely visit with Penny and Weymond and the kids, the wedding was lovely, but it was outside and O SO WARM AND HUMID with storms threatening...but stayed away! As Weymond was walking Amy down the aisle, the thunder was right above and so very loud and the lightening strikes right behind them were straight up and down, but all went off without a hitch. They had a quick service and the vows were beautiful even with Hayden calling AMY!!! I have lots of photos, but right now am trying to catch up for work, so will stop chatting, share a couple of pages then chat more later with y'all! Luv, MatThis is Penny & Weymond's 3 children, Lance, Amy and Lamar. Photo is by Melissa Butler, the frame is by MME and WA is Words of Love 2 by dreamsfulfilled.Lance, Margaret and Hayden in a RR-EK Pot of Gold Cluster 2, OMW Summer extras and WA by Miss Linda at Random Thoughts and again the photo by Melissa Butler.Another photo by Melissa Butler and placed in Authentique QP1 by Marta.M Designs. WA was a freebie with no TOU and it's our family all together before the wedding took place.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

With This Ring

With Moma & Daddy's blessings, Amy & Michael are wed. This is just a quick page to let y'all know it is over, I am back home, happy and tired. Will chat more tomorrow with y'all! Luv, Mat

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Remembering Mama on Mother's Day

Since I will not be here on Mother's Day (am going to my niece Amy's wedding) I wanted to make this page for my mother whom we lost in 1992. I miss her every day and this year for mother's day I will spend some time at her gravesite. Just want to wish all my "blog sisters" as well as my real sisters and those I have as "adopted sisters" a most wonderful Mother's Day. May you all enjoy yourselves immensely whether with your children, grandchildren or even your fur children (and yes even those visiting in Ohio, Bless Your Hearts!!)! Chat more when I return...later y'all! Luv, MatBTW, thanx to Cmarion for her 28 days of freebies with this kit called Back In Time, the words are all mine from my heart.

Monday, May 3, 2010

All My Children

This is my mother's day page for me! Sitting here just wasting time and playing with making some wordart for my "girls" (like I've got nothing else to! These words just appeared to me and I played with them a little before I decided on this! Just added papers from different kits by Cuddlebeeze and my most recent photos made last week of MzKitty, Oreo and Pumpkin. How can you not love those sweet little faces? I'm going to miss them while gone to my niece's (AMY) wedding this next weekend! (Mother's Day is Sunday, don't forget!) Well, got to get finished with last minute stuff for work, my house cleaned....etc so guess I will cut this short and chat with all y'all later! Have a terrific week ahead! Luv, Mat